"Whole-istic" Health  Denise Quigley BSc (Hons) RSHom,DipHSc,MICHT,HCPC

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Customer Testimonials

Denise is empathic,genuinely cares,professional,skilled, and has helped me to gain rebalance in mind and body.I suffered with alopecia   through trauma and stress and my hair grew back after several therapy sessions

EF Pharmacist ; UK

 Denise is an amazing, caring and very supportive therapist.She made my 3.5 year old daughter very welcomed and relaxed.It was very interesting to watch my daughter and Denise having an in depth conversation throughout the Consultation.

My Daughter had molluscum conagium that the Gp

didn't treat and she immediately prescribed her a homeopathic remedy that helped my Daughter immediately.She is now cleared of the  molluscum and is a very happy girl.Thank you Denise x

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Has Healing hands ! and a fountain of knowledge, I have seen various therapists and Denise helps me to relax and has  helped improved my mental health  
PM Assistant Practitioner Mcr